Microsoft Technights

Just got back from a fantastic training night with Microsoft at the Hilton in Manchester looking at Small Business Technical Pre-Sales, covering Office365, Intune, Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2…

The latest email I received about this event mentionned that I was to ignore the previous email claiming that the event had been cancelled but failed to mention that the venue had been changed from the Hilton in Piccadilly to the one in Deansgate… Oh well… Needed the exercise anyway! That was after fighting with the parking meter that had a card reader which stated “Please Wait. Please Remove Your Card” so having tried both options (which resulted in a ‘Transaction Cancelled’ message and no parking ticket being issues), I found two nearby shops where I managed to get spare change for the parking meter by buying a chocolate bar and fizzy drink… I mean… c’mon guys… we’re trying to pay the fee – at least make it easy for us! I certainly wasn’t going to ring an 0844 number from a mobile phone and the darn machine wouldn’t take notes…

So now it’s time to take the assessment and get that ‘tick in the box’… I can feel a strong coffee coming on…


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